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Marketplace Feature: Silly Hebrew Trick Flashcards

Hebrew letter recognition is a skill -- and like all skills, it takes practice, practice, practice to master... but who doesn't appreciate a little silliness along the way?

Make Hebrew letter and vowel review fun with the "Silly Hebrew Tricks" Flashcards available on JLearnHub's TeacherHub Marketplace!

Every Hebrew letter and vowel is presented with a mnemonic that relates to both the sound and physical shape of the letter:

Silly Hebrew Tricks Flashcards: Lamed

All Silly Hebrew Tricks Flashcards are designed in beautifully bright colors, but they also turn out very nicely when printed in B&W. None of the mnemonics rely on the colors to make sense -- though the color is certainly a nice touch!

The digital download comes in PDF format, which can be printed on 8.5"x11" cardstock (recommended) or plain paper. Print them either as-is for half-page-size flashcards, or "two pages per sheet" for quarter-page flashcards -- fold along the dotted line, throw on a piece of tape if you want to get fancy with it, and start reviewing!

Take a peek at some other flashcards in the set:

Use the Silly Hebrew Trick flashcards to learn the letters from scratch or to dust off those summer cobwebs -- run some old-fashioned drill reviews, create new games out of them, post them on the bulletin board to highlight a letter of the day... the possibilities are endless!

Head over to the Hebrew Resources category page within the TeacherHub to purchase & download these fantastic flashcards for yourself.

This item's license allows the buyer to print off an unlimited number of copies for use within your own organization (i.e. school, synagogue, etc.) and does not expire or require annual renewal. Most ready-made Hebrew flashcards go for $3.50-$9.00/set across the web -- for less than the price of two to four pre-printed sets, you can create a new set for every student for years to come!

The Silly Hebrew Tricks flashcards were developed by JLearnHub's Founder & Chief Collaborator, Rae Antonoff, but the Marketplace is now open to submissions from anyone! Check out the Submission Guidelines, then head to the Submission Form to start the process of getting your work on the Marketplace.

(Note: The JLearnHub logo is only applied to Marketplace resources that officially coordinate with Featured Curricula, such as the Hebrew Step-By-Step program that uses these same "Silly Hebrew Trick" mnemonics throughout... the logo need not be attached to your submitted work!)

Featured Resource Details:

Title: Silly Hebrew Tricks Flashcards

Content Creator(s): Rae Antonoff, MAJE

File Type(s): PDF

Open Source: No

License Type: Traditional/OU-ND (Organizational Use - No Derivatives)

List Price: $12.99

Category: Hebrew Resources

Tags: Flashcards, Hebrew Letters, Decoding, Printable, Hebrew Step-By-Step, Mnemonics,

Disability Badges: --

Coordinates with Featured Curricula: Yes | Hebrew Step-By-Step

Note to Teachers: Want to use these flashcards with your class, but don't want to use your own money to purchase the product license? We completely understand and want to help! Contact us, include your principal/director's email address in the message, and we'll get in touch with them about setting up a JLearnHub resource account for your educational team to use throughout the year!

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