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StudyHub: Hebrew Step-By-Step

Practice your Hebrew reading skills on JLearnHub!

All StudyHub Hebrew letter web apps, widgets, & games were produced in HTML5 -- they can be a little slow to load sometimes, but they're accessible on all devices, including mobile phones!

Note: Not all the activities in the Hebrew-Step-By-Step curriculum could easily be adapted to Ji Tap activities: you can license the full set of curricular materials on the Marketplace!

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מָזָל טוֹב
וְיָשָׁר כֹּחַ!

& go forward in

JLearnHub's online Hebrew reading resources have all been created by Rae Antonoff, MAJE, with the invaluable input from several Collaborator team members -- thank you to everyone who has helped us improve these resources with your questions, suggestions, and corrections!


The StudyHub Hebrew reading resources correspond with JLearnHub's Featured Curriculum, Hebrew Step-By-Step (HSBS), which comes with both printable PDFs and PowerPoints to screen-share for online learning. The curriculum undergoes revisions every year, based on the feedback from students and educators at over 40 participating schools and tutoring programs. 

Interested in using the full Hebrew Step-By-Step curriculum with your students, with additional activities, offline material support, and more? 
Send us a message

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