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Custom Resources

Have you seen something from JLearnHub that could be useful for your students (or yourself), if only it had a few tweaks? (Or perhaps a full redesign... Jewish educational visions can vary greatly!)

Commission a custom Jewish learning resource from our talented team of Content Creators & Collaborators!


Support creative Jewish educators and boost your teaching toolbox: JLearnHub only takes a small finder's fee from every commission -- 90-95% of all commission fees go directly to the writer/designer creating your custom resource!

Tap-and-Hear Soundboards

Whether you're learning or teaching Hebrew prayers, Torah portions, or basic decoding (letters & reading), Tap-and-Hear soundboards are the perfect tool for fostering proficiency in the technical & musical skills that make participation in a Jewish community enjoyable! 

Check out sample Tap-and-Hear Soundboards, and Contact Us to set up a conversation about getting your custom Tap-and-Hear widget created and for a cost/time estimate! 
Hebrew Step-by-Step Lesson 5: Lamed Tap & Hear
V'ahavta Tap & Hear

Torah Tap & Hear: Vayechi (coming soon)

Prayer Karaoke Videos

Want to be able to play and follow along with an entire blessing, prayer, or aliyah? Commission a custom Prayer Karaoke video! The text changes color at every syllable, making it easy for both individuals and groups of learners to follow along. All current samples contain only Hebrew text, but transliteration (standard and/or phonetic) is also feasible for schools that have chosen to delay decoding training but want students to become familiar with the community's songs & prayers, or for accommodating various learning disabilities that make Hebrew decoding an insurmountable barrier to communal participation. 

Check out some sample Prayer Karaoke videos, and Contact Us to set up a conversation about getting your custom Prayer Karaoke video created and for a cost/time estimate!
Prayer Karaoke: V'ahavta
Prayer Karaoke: Blessing Before the Haftarah Reading

Games & Trivia

Nothing makes learning fun like a game! Have one of our experienced educators craft a matching game or trivia quiz to match your lesson. From letter recognition to prayer meaning and beyond, games have a sneaky way of bolstering information retention for learners of all ages. 

Check out some sample Games & Trivia quizzes by JLearnHub Creators, and Contact Us to set up a conversation about getting your custom game or quiz created and for a cost/time estimate! 

Hebrew Step-by-Step: Packet 1 Review | Match-a-Rhyme
Avot v'Imahot Trivia Quiz (Reform)

...and more coming soon!

JLearnHub is always creating and testing new programs, apps, and coding methods to create the best resources for Jewish learners.
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