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StudyHub: Hebrew Prayers

Learn to recite, sing, and make meaning out of Hebrew prayers with JLearnHub's free Hebrew Prayer resources!

  • Color-Coded Translations

  • Prayer Karaoke Videos

  • Prayer Meaning Quizzes

...and more on the way!

What part of the service do you want to learn?

JLearnHub's online prayer resources have all been created by Rae Antonoff, MAJE, with the invaluable input from several other Collaborator team members and educators around the world -- thank you to everyone who has helped us improve these resources with your questions, suggestions, and corrections!


The StudyHub prayer resources correspond to the Beit Midrash Prayer Guides (BMPGs), intended for students using the BMPGs to practice the prayers in class or at home. The BMPGs are a JLearnHub Featured Curriculum designed to encourage effective self-paced prayer learning, with a basis in Accessible Design. New editions are released every few years to incorporate feedback from licensing schools. Licenses for the full Beit Midrash Prayer Guides curriculum can be purchased in the TeacherHub Marketplace.

For more information about the BMPGs, including latest list of available prayers and recommended packet order, see the Hebrew Programs page. 

Questions or feedback about the Beit Midrash Prayer Guides curriculum?
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We'd love to incorporate feedback from you and
your students into our development process!

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