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Open Call for Submissions!

Calling all Jewish educators, teachers, and tutors!

How many educational resources have you created over the years that are sitting on your hard drive collecting digital dust?

Polish them up and submit them to the JLearnHub Marketplace!

Anyone can submit -- any type of resource is welcome, as long as it can be used in a Jewish educational setting and can be distributed through a digital download!

  • Games

  • Lesson Plans

  • Text Studies

  • Visual T'fillah

  • PowerPoints

  • Project Plans & Templates

  • Discussion Guides

...and more!

If a Jewish educator could use it, you could sell it!

All resources listed on the TeacherHub Marketplace are reviewed and edited by JLearnHub Collaborators to ensure alignment with our mission and basic style guide. A Collaborator then confers with the Content Creator to determine the best user-license, price-point, and commission distribution for the resource(s) before the listing goes live.

Average Marketplace Compensation Breakdown

Most Content Creators will undergo a feedback and revision process with two Collaborating Editors. Has your resource already been scrutinized by a professional editor? The less editing your resource requires, the higher your commission percentage can go!

Submit your work on the JLearnHub Submissions page -- and feel free to ask us any questions you have through the form at the bottom of any page!

The JLearnHub team of Collaborators can't wait to see your work -- and to help you promote and sell it to your colleagues around the globe!

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