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Launching in 2016: JLearnHub!

Rae's Resources is formally relaunching as JLearnHub in 2016!

JLearnHub's mission will be to provide a broad base of resources for Jewish learners, of all ages and types, to meet them where they are and connect them to resources that can feed their Jewish curiosity and aid them on their journey toward Jewish and Hebrew literacy.

It is my hope that this new brand will invite wider collaboration in the world of Jewish educational resource design. If you know of any Jewish educational resource designers looking for opportunities to create and sell materials to schools across North America, please send them my way! My goal is to gather a team writers and developers to create high-quality, coordinated educational materials for self-paced learning in Jewish schools, synagogues, and individual learners.

The JLearnHub website is still under construction, but will soon include downloadable educational materials, online learning widgets, educator webinars, and more! Please poke around to get a sense of what we'll be offering. Keep an eye on this spot for future JLearnBlog posts on news in Jewish educational research, best practices in Jewish classrooms, tips for using JLearnHub materials, and more!

JLearnHub is in the process of applying for start-up grant funding. If you are interested in supporting this venture, or know of a grant organization that may align with JLearnHub's goals, please let me know via the Contact form at the bottom of the page!


Rae Antonoff Founder, JLearnHub (formerly Rae's Resources)

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