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Strategic Hebrew builds confidence in today's Hebrew learners.

ready-made materials

Purchase and download ready-made sets of Strategic Hebrew materials at competitive rates.

Commission a custom set of Strategic Hebrew materials that fit your curriculum perfectly.

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Get expert help implementing Strategic Hebrew into your school directly from its creator!

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Strategic Hebrew offers several sets of ready-made materials for students to build confidence and resilience in Hebrew, language-learning, and Jewish life overall:

  • Set A

  • Set B

  • Set C


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Commission a custom set of Strategic Hebrew learning materials to fit your curriculum perfectly!

Work directly with Strategic Hebrew creator Amy Fechter to craft units, workbooks, and resources that cover exactly the prayers & modern Hebrew concepts you teach, in the order you like to teach them, and none of the chapters you'd skip for the prayers & concepts outside your curricular purview.

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Get set up for success with Strategic Hebrew: integrate & implement Strategic Hebrew materials into your school smoothly with expert guidance directly from its creator, Amy Fechter!

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