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Beit Midrash

Prayer Guides

JLearnHub's Beit Midrash Prayer Guides lead students through exploring the meaning and learning the recitation/melody of common Hebrew prayers. The Beit Midrash Prayer Guide (BMPG) PDFs are printable on-demand and perfect for screen-sharing during online tutoring sessions. The Prayers section of the StudyHub corresponds to the BMPG materials, mostly in the Open StudyHub, but the newest resources hit StudyHub Plus first.


Sample the Sh'ma and Chanukah packets for free before you invest in the full set! If you buy the BMPG materials then choose to join StudyHub Plus, your digital file purchase amount can be applied to your first year's subscription fee.

Sample Packets
Introductory Prayers
Sh'ma & Her Blessings
Torah Service
Concluding Prayers
Holiday Prayers
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