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matching jewish schools to their perfect consultant

How It Works

Are you looking for a custom curriculum? A fresh revamp of an old one? Some new family programs or t'fillah resources? Coaching through the process of implementing a new program? JLearnHub's master Jewish Education yentas will ask you lots of questions to get a feel for exactly what your school needs to be a success. 

The Organizational Needs Survey call incurs a $20 invoice.

We'll schedule a video or phone conference with you to get a sense of your school's or organization's needs.​

Request a Consult
Tell Us Your Needs

We'll get back to you within a week with a list of potential Jewish educational consultants, curriculum designers, and coaches whose expertise aligns with your needs. We'll help you narrow down the list even further, then we'll get the shidduch rolling with an offer to start making introductions!

The Matching Call incurs a $36 invoice.

Survey the Options

We'll set up a meeting between you and your new consulting expert to hammer out the details -- and we're happy to help with any questions you have about getting ready to work with a consultant! Your new expert will craft the plan from here!

From this point on, any invoices you receive will come 
directly from your consulting expert!

Get Innovating!
we'll help you
Find Your Perfect
Resident Expert
for only $56
toward keeping the ExpertHub Database
up and running (and growing)!
Request a Consult Call!
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