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About Hebrew Step-by-Step

Hebrew Step-by-Step consists of 9 packets. The first eight introduce 4-5 letters and one vowel in each.  Packet 9 goes over "tricky" vowel combinations and reviews everything.

Each lesson introduces a new letter or vowel with a "Silly Hebrew Trick" mnemonic and examples in multiple fonts.


Students can practice reading aloud on their own and with a coach/teacher, or with the help of StudyHub Plus Click-and-Hear widgets to check their own pronunciation.

Step-By-Step sets the stage for reading real Hebrew words as fast as possible! "Fake" words for practice are grey, while real Hebrew words are black. 

Each lesson focuses on one or two vocabulary words to bring the mysterious code of Hebrew reading to life. 

Both the Student Answer Keys and the StudyHub Plus provide translations for every real word in the Step-By-Step packets, so students can absorb extra vocabulary at the pace their curiosity inspires them.

"Lookalike Letter" pages help students differentiate between commonly confused letters in a variety of fonts -- no more "How is that a vav -- it's missing a top line!"

Matching pages challenge students to match words that sound similar but have minor spelling differences.

Students who are up for a challenge also get to practice shape recognition by searching for a word within a small piece of microgaphy, infusing an element of traditional Jewish art into students' cultural literacy!

Every packet concludes with a Reading Review page to read to a teacher or Hebrew coach, then an award page in a different color for each packet! (Never underestimate the motivational value of a colorful achievement marker.)

ו ו ו

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Handwriting pages coach students through recreating the letter shapes on their own, boosting their recognition speed for reading and improving penmanship simultaneously.

Customize the packet printouts for your school's educative goals! Print out just the reading pages to help older students review, skip the Bonus exercises entirely, or provide students with everything -- since Step-By-Step is sold as a PDF, you can print off as many or as few pages as your students would find helpful.

Purchase an annual license to use the full set based on the number of learners who will be using it, not the number of copies you make. Reprint misplaced packets as often as you want within the year.

Step-By-Step packets are updated every school year with new exercises, graphics, and reading pages -- an annual subscription to StudyHub Plus gets you the newest updates as soon as they come out!

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